Your Pets are Worth Every Penny


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Let’s be Real, Pets are Our Kids

Calling All Proud Pawrents

When it comes to our pets, does price really matter?? We spoil them beyond belief, so why not spoil yourself or a loved one and give the greatest gift of all time. A proud pawrent would approve.

For just $45, you can get a digital pet portrait illustration of your fur baby. This price includes all digital files that you can place on the fridge without any limits. You will also receive four variations of the illustration shown below: lineart, grayscale, colored, and name poster. Pop over to our process to learn more or let’s get started with purchasing one today!

Multiple Pets

Now I am totally aware that furkidz can be an addiction and your fam squad can get pretty darn big! But don’t worry, we have a half off deal. You can get additional pets drawn in a single composition for an extra $20 per pet.

Let’s do some quick math… if you have 3 pets that you want drawn together, it would be $45 plus $20×2 for the extra pets to come to a grand total of $85 versus $135 for 3 individual portraits. That’s quite a savings!

Get One Mailed

As one of our add-ons, we do offer physical prints that can be shipped in  8×10, 8×12, and 9×12 sizing. Prints can also be framed for an additional surcharge.

Handmade Keychains

You can also purchase a small keepsake keychain of your furkid along with your digital illustration. We offer circular handmade keychains for an additional surcharge.

Cup O’ Joe

If you’re like me, then a good cup of coffee in the morning is a must. Sooo, why not make that cup even more special by putting your furkid on it! Purchase one with your custom portrait illustration today.

Fridge Art

Have you ever wanted a super cool magnet of your pet? Well now you can get one crafted by hand with the purchase of a custom portrait.

Fashion Furward

I mean why not have your furkid on a shirt? For a reasonable price, you can rock a one-of-a-kind tee that no one else in the world has. We offer sizes from XS to 3XL in an Ultra Cotton finish.

Your Furbaby Everywhere

Welcome our newest addition to the custom line up: phone cases! These cases are high quality, rich in color, and come in all sizes for various phone models. Purchase with a custom portrait submission.

Rock Your Furkid Merch

Purchase unique gifts with your pet’s custom portrait that will last a lifetime.