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Although we try to make the process as easy and clear as possible, we completely understand that it can be a tad confusing. If we do not cover one of your questions below, please send us a message with any questions or concerns you may have. 

What does a custom portrait cost?

A single pet portrait currently costs $45 plus online processing fees. You can opt to purchase a multiple pet composition, which is a base fee of $45.00 plus $20.00 for each additional pet you would like included in that group illustration.

For example, if you want 3 pets illustrated. You can either purchase 3 individual pet portrait illustrations for $45 each equaling $135.00 (plus fees) or you can order a single composition with all 3 pets in it for $45 plus $20×2 to equal $85 (plus fee). Please reference the pricing page for more details and pricing on add-ons.

Will you draw my pet for free?

While there are unique circumstances where I may gift an illustration for free to a customer or do a giveaway, I will NOT draw your pet for free if you ask. This is how I make a living , my art is my livelihood. It is not just a hobby. When you are tempted to ask if I will do it for free, ask yourself, “Would I do my job for free?”

What is all included with the price?

For this price, you will receive the rights to all digital variation files as well as the files in both JPG and PDF format in several sizes to use as you please for personal usage. (Please reference “Can we reproduce the final illustration?” for commercial use.) The variations include lineart, grayscale, popart, and popart with name. 

Why is there an online processing fee?

I use PayPal as my primary payment gate. I am charged fees for every payment process. This 2.9% of the total payment plus 30 cents.

What does digital illustration mean?

This means that I draw your pets on my iPad. This digital format allows the final drawing to be resized to as small as a stamp or as large as a billboard! This is an amazing capability versus being limited to one size. Being digital also enables you to order any items you would like as many times as you would like. 

What types of animals do you illustrate?

I will draw anything from furry to feathery friends and everything in between, aka all of God’s creations on the green Earth. This includes but is not limited to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, livestock, reptiles, snakes, horses, and other exotic pets. I will even draw humans! Basically, it doesn’t hurt to ask if you want me to draw something that I did not mention.

How long does the process take from order to completion?

This varies based on my personal schedule and the pending queue of commissions. I typically stress that it will take 2-3 weeks to be completed. This is subject to change based on queue.

However, my clients are important to me, so if you are under a tight deadline say for a gift, I am more than willing to help you achieve this with our 3 Day or 1 Week Rush options.

What qualifies as a good quality photo?

Ideally, a good quality photo is one that showcases the pet clearly with good detail as this is what I will use for reference for the illustration. It should be primarily the face and part of the body. It should also be higher than 150dpi. 

Now the real question is, what constitutes a bad photo? That’s easy to answer! One that is blurry. One that is too zoomed out. Or even one where the pet isn’t even facing the camera. 

Now I totally understand that sometimes pets can be difficult to photograph. I am wiling to work with challenging photos, but my customers must understand that the quality of the illustration is dependent on the quality of the photo. If I am unable to see detail in the photo, I will have to make up the detail and it may not be accurate.  

How many colors can I choose for the final illustration?

I advise my customers to choose 2-3 colors for the illustration’s palette. These can be analogous, complementary, or a random combination. There are 5 layers that can be manipulated, so if you would like you can choose up to 5 colors. If you are not sure which colors to choose, you can opt to select a singular color and I will choose various shades to create a monochrome palette. 

What does single composition mean for multiple pet deals?

A single composition is when 2 or more pets are illustrated together. I can use separate images of the pets to work from and then combine the final illustrations into one. They do not all have to be in the same photo together to be drawn together.

What if I am not satisfied with the final product?

My client’s satisfaction is my number one priority. If you are truly unhappy, I am more than willing to attempt to redraw the pet. If you are extremely unsatisfied, I will issue a half refund (since I must be compensated for the time invested). There is one exclusion though, if you provided a poor quality photo and were unable to provide a good resolution photo, I will NOT issue a refund. 

Who has ownership over the illustration rights?

My artwork is jointly owned by the customer and myself. I have the right to use your pet’s portrait for advertising purposes and commercial usage. You have the right to reproduce my artistic representation of your pet for personal use only unless consent is expressed otherwise.

Can we reproduce the final illustration?

Absolutely! However, these illustrations are for personal use only! They may be printed on whatever you like, gifted to loved ones, and shared on social media with credit and a tag to Fur and Feather. They may never be published in a public forum commercially, reproduced for sales, or online without consent or credit and additional compensation if intended for commercial sales.

Why didn't it print the way it looks on the screen?

I know this can be a confusing topic. When the illustration is on the screen, the colors are backlit with the screen light from your phone or computer. This light makes the colors look even more vibrant. While some high-end printers can match somewhat closely, you also run the risk of some printers having issues that could be technological or ink related.

Can we post the final portrait on social media?

YES! In fact, please do! I highly encourage my customers to post the final product, but I simply ask that you tag Fur and Feather. By posting, you are actively helping promote a small business and I am beyond grateful! Word of mouth is what has helped build my brand.

Do you work with non-profit organizations?

Of course! Supporting non-profits are at the heart of Fur and Feather! Without non-profits, my business would never have come to life. Please send me a message, I would love to discuss a future partnership. 

Do you ship products internationally?

Fur and Feather sincerely apologizes that our Personalized Gifts as well as Apparel & Merch are not for purchase in countries beyond the USA and Canada due to the inability to fulfill international shipping currently.

Our Custom Pet Portraits can be ordered though as they are digital download links that require no physical items for shipping. That is the beauty of the digital products. You can use these files to order whatever your heart desires and save on international costs! 

Do you do collabs, donations, or giveaways?

Yes, I absolutely love to do collaborations or make donations to non-profits. If you have an idea for an awesome collab idea or would like Fur and Feather to be a part of your community event, shoot me a message! 

As for giveaways, that’s also a yes! However, I will only donate a free commission in which the recipient will receive the digital files.


How to make your tee shirt last longer?

The tee shirts we sell are 100% cotton blend. To keep them from shrinking and losing color vibrancy, machine wash cold and hang dry. Do not use the Dryer as this will shrink.

What is your refund pollicy?

We will issue a full refund if you cancel the order before I begin working on it. If you cancel after I have already begun the illustration process, I will only refund half of the amount as I must be compensated for the time invested.

Dissatisfaction Refund and Stipulations
My client’s satisfaction is my number one priority. If you are truly unhappy, I am more than willing to attempt to redraw the pet. If you are extremely unsatisfied, I will issue a half refund (since I must be compensated for the time invested). There is one exclusion though, if you provided a poor quality photo and were unable to provide a good resolution photo, I will NOT issue a refund.

I ordered 2 portraits back around black Friday for my wife for Christmas. The work was incredible and my wife’s reaction to them was amazing. The quality of the illustrations is far better than anything I could have expected. And the framed pieces of our dogs something my wife and I will treasure forever.

Patrick, Texas, USA

I had a great experience with Fur and Feather! Quick turn around and exactly what I asked for!

Danielle, Pennyslvania, USA

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